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Flight training

Enter Air has its own flight training center. According to the certification granted by the Civil Aviation Authority, Enter Air has been found competent to carry out business in the field of civil aviation:

  • theoretical and practical training aimed at obtaining a license for the B737 300-900 aircraft, combined with multi crew cooperation (MCC) training,
  • theoretical and practical training to obtain a TRI (MPA) instructor's license for type: B737 300-900,
  • theoretical and practical training to obtain a SFI (A) license for type: B737 300-900,
  • theoretical and practical training to obtain a ZFTT license for the aircraft type B737 300-900.

Dreams of a pilot license begin with training for a private pilot license - PPL (A), and then a professional license - CPL (A). Both training courses consist of theoretical and practical parts. Such training is offered in collaboration with IBEX.

Candidates to become Enter Air pilots have to comply with the following requirements:

  • holding an ATPL pilot license or a CPL commercial pilot license,
  • minimum high school education,
  • age over 21 years,
  • a valid aero-medical category I according to JAR-FCL 3;
  • a clean criminal record and absence of addiction;
  • fluent English in speech and writing (at least Level 4 - according to ICAO requirements and entered in the license).

Training of a B737 pilot is divided into two basic stages: theoretical and practical.

Theoretical training is carried out in stationary mode by authorized instructors licensed for B737.

Activities at the Centre for Training for TRTO ENTER AIR are held in the form of lectures, computer based training (CBT) and exercises. CBT is a form of computer-based self-teaching. This training is supplemented by lectures delivered by authorized persons having the necessary knowledge of the subject of the lecture. Practical training, also under the supervision of experienced B737 instructors, is divided into two phases:

  • the first phase are school flights (on an "empty" plane);
  • the second phase are trainee airline flights (scheduled flights).

After the first phase (school flights) the candidate obtains an entry in the license entitling him to operate a B737 aircraft (TR B737) and then begins practical training on scheduled flights (second phase).

Each phase of training ends with an examination.


If you are interested in becoming a professional and experienced airline pilot, please contact us on: training@enterair.pl

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