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10 years of Enter Air!

Opublikowane dnia: 25.04.2020

10 years of Enter Air!

Dear Customers, Passengers, Employees,

Today marks 10 years since the day that started our history - 10 years ago, on 25th of April, 2010, we made our first flight with passengers to Enfida, Tunisia

During these 10 years so much has happened that it is impossible to recall everything in a few sentences - hundreds of small and bigger events that make us happy, moved and proud that all together we have created a great unique community - our Customers - Tour Operators, our Passengers and Employees. There are many "the most" for which we are praised and acknowledged, but the most important of them is that we have the most wonderful people! Thank you for your trust and all the flights, we have done together, for working together and for the time spent together in a unique atmosphere. Thank you for 10 years together!

We started the first decade during the crisis - and so we do the next. We have already demonstrated that we can build in difficult times and quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Now at the beginning of the second decade we will prove it again.

We hope that the coming ten years will be full of new successes and reasons for pride and joy, and that the summer season will start as soon as possible and let us meet again on board our aircraft!

Enter Air Team

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