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Restrictions for passengers traveling to Poland

Opublikowane dnia: 14.03.2020

Restrictions for passengers traveling to Poland

Dear Passengers,

We regret to inform you that in response to restrictions imposed by the Polish government on the air traffic in order to stop the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, Enter Air was forced to introduce restrictions on the acceptance of passengers traveling to Poland.

Pursuant to the introduced law, we can only carry passengers to the Republic of Poland who are:

- Citizens or residents of the Republic of Poland, or

Who are foreign spouses or children of the citizens of the republic of Poland, or are under permanent custody of citizens of the republic of Poland, or

- Have the Pole's Card, or

- Permanent or temporary residence permit on the territory of the republic of Poland or an employment permit, or

- Who are foreigners but have a voivod's permit to enter a voivodship to which they want to go, or

- Are heads of diplomatic missions

- Members of the diplomatic and consular personnel of a mission (persons with a diplomatic rank);

The above restrictions apply from 24:00 on Saturday, March 14.

In order to obtain assistance in returning to your countries, we ask passengers who do not meet the above criteria to contact their consular services.

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