Before the flight

Before you travel with us find out what you need to know to travel safely and comfortably.

On the plane

After you enter the plane, the on board personnel shall welcome you and help to take the seats assigned during the check-in. On the left side of the plane (when looking towards the direction of the flight) are located A, B, C seats, and on the right side D, E and F ones. The baggage should be placed in the compartments/shelves above the seats or under the chair preceding your seat.

During the flight, we sell different food products and gifts. Our prices are not high and it is more profitable to make a purchase on board than at the shops on the airport.




In the chair’s pocket you can find in-flight magazine filled with entertainment, trivia and good advices, particularly useful during travelling.



Enter Air Magazine 

Enter Air observes European security standards, in compliance with which before each cruise we present to the passengers security rules valid on board. The safety and security procedures are imposed by national regulations and remain binding equally for the passengers and the airline. Please pay attention during the demonstration of safety rules and act in compliance with them. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

We would like to inform you that, in accordance with sanitary regulations of some countries of destination, Enter Air aircrafts are subject to periodic disinfections aimed to prevent the spread of tropical diseases.  The disinfecting substances are used in accordance with WHO recommendations.  Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us.   

Welcome on board where your holidays start.


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