Before the flight

Before you travel with us find out what you need to know to travel safely and comfortably.

Preparations for the flight

Enter Air flies to almost all most popular holiday destinations accessible from Poland. All those countries are friendly and safe, hotels are comfortable, and the good weather is guaranteed.


Before the flight the date and time of departure should be verified and the arrival on the airport should be appropriately planned. The check-in starts 2 hours before the departure.


For holidays, you should take with you several indispensable items. An absolute minimum is: a passport (visa) – when travelling outside the European Union or a personal identity card - when travelling within the European Union, a credit card or cash, a swimsuit, sun-tan oil, as well as information obtained from the travel agency about the flight, hotel reservations (vouchers) and insurance.

The passenger luggage consists of two main parts:

  • hand luggage with 5 kg limit, which the passenger takes with them on board, and
  • checked luggage with 20 kg (16kg*) limit, which is carried in the baggage hold of the airplane.

 *Due to operational reasons, checked luggage limit is 16kg on routes which include following airports:

-Ras al-Chajma (RKT)

-Amílcar Cabral (SID)
-Fujairah (FJR)
-Salala (SLL)
-Colombo (CMB)
-Zanzibar (ZNZ)

-Dubai (DXB)

Luggage size:
- hand luggage, the sum of its three dimensions must not be greater than 115 cms
(e.g. 55x40x20 cms),
- registered luggage, not larger than 80x120 cms.


Due to security regulations, not all items can be taken on board in the hand baggage or in the checked one. More detailed information collecting valid regulations on that can be found in General conditions of carriage (OWP).



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